Pathway Paranormal

Shining a Light into the Shadows

Due to COVID-19, we wish to keep yours and our families safe!  At this time, we are not accepting new cases.

Our founder, Laurie Filsinger, felt compelled to start a specialized team after her long time experience in the field showed that most people were desperately in search of this type of help. We believe that a sensitive, mediumistic approach to paranormal investigation makes sense. When you work in the plane where other beings exist and can tell their stories, a conclusion can be reached in a timely manner.

Pathway Paranormal provides a different option to equipment-based teams. Our team is fully comprised of sensitives, intuitives, empaths, psychics and mediums. When you initially contact our team, a phone consultation will be set up. If a case is warranted, we will schedule an on site consultation which consists of doing a psychic walk through to assess the situation and determine what is needed to move forward. Generally, cases are scheduled on weekends for your convenience.

It is not the nature of our team to provoke, disrespect, or force activity. We treat everyone, including those who have passed, with respect and dignity. On occasion, we may choose to use technology to validate our impressions. Pathway Paranormal does not charge a fee for our assessments and interventions. We serve Georgia and surrounding states.

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