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Angel Light Paranormal Becomes Pathway Paranormal

Posted on April 27, 2019 at 1:10 AM Comments comments (141396)
It is with great gratitude that we move forward with a change for our team to help us on our path as we assist those with paranormal experiences. Over two years ago we took our first steps as a team without the use of equipment to help assist others. We were excited and moved by this rather different way of investigating. It allowed us to investigate during the day, with the client present, and give timely results. Psychic based investigations have changed what we ask the universe as investigators. Instead of asking, Is this location haunted? (Which involves debunking, recreating experience, and establishing a pattern) we now are asking, What is involved in the experience and why is it happening to this person. What do the clients need to create a different outcome? It allowed clients to have an alternative to equipment teams. As the manager of a previous team, Laurie Filsinger would offer families a choice of their preferred type of investigation. When given this choice, most families chose a psychic over a technology-based solution. She realized that most people not only wanted answers but, more importantly, they were seeking help in resolving their experiences. Equipment doesn't always provide these answers. In 2009, she realized there was a better way. It has been extremely gratifying to see this come to fruition. We believe that paranormal experiences are personal in nature and sometimes need more than science for an explanation. We initially chose the name Angel Light because it invoked the higher vibrational work we were called to do. We tended to people who were scared to be in their own settings. Angel light has served us and our clients well and we pay homage to the name that helped hold the space as we evolved. We have learned from one another and found our true path. Each person uses their own gifts as they contribute to resolve the issue at hand. We are a family. We are best friends and keep each other in our best light. We have grown from the supportive care we have for one another. We believe the right clients will be guided to us. That best light allows us to help navigate you through the darkness and the unknown you are experiencing. We extinguish prideful ego which tends to derail truth and block the flow of light. It is with gratefulness that we thank the name Angel Light Paranormal. It has served us, our goals, and growth well. We welcome our new name Pathway Paranormal as we recognize that endings lead us to new beginnings and then on to the next. It reminds us that we are constantly learning and responding to twists and turns as we navigate clients to safety. We travel this pathway together united in our goals to serve. It is our expectation to continue growing and supporting one another as we serve those who are guided to us. Thank you for your continued support. In Service, Pathway Paranormal