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Shining a Light into the Shadows

Due to COVID-19, we wish to keep yours and our families safe!  At this time, we are not accepting new cases.

Founder/ Director/ Sensitive ~ Laurie Filsinger

Laurie's lifelong interest in spirituality and metaphysics was the driving force that propelled her to pursue all things paranormal. Her first experiences started at a very young age when she lived in a home that she sensed was occupied by a spirit or two. She is always seeking to engage the world in a deeper and more meaningful way.

Laurie officially began her journey as a paranormal investigator when she joined her first scientific-based team in Atlanta around 2006. A few years later she felt called to join another team that specialized in negative, malevolent, and demonic hauntings and worked exclusively in that area for several years. She is still a member of this team and assists with cases of this nature as needed.

Although she has a military, police, and fire background….her passion for the paranormal is rivaled only by that of pets! She enjoyed a long career as a professional pet sitter & dog walker and was the co-owner of a successful pet sitting service. Laurie is also a huge advocate of animal rescue and welfare and is an Animal Reiki Practitioner as well. She hung up her leash and retired in 2014 and now has her own business with a health & wellness company.

Laurie felt compelled to start a psychic-based paranormal team after her longtime experience in the field showed that most people were desperately seeking out this type of help. Her goal for the team is to provide comfort to those who are frightened by things they don’t understand or even see…. and to help peacefully bridge the gap between the two worlds.

Laurie resides in the north Atlanta, GA area with her husband and their rescued Pit Bull and two Chihuahuas.

Psychic Medium/Sensitive ~ Gretchen Mann

Gretchen pursued a position on a paranormal equipment based team in 2008 and has been investigating since then. She is a graduate of the Anastasi System of Psychic Development taught by Carl Woodall. She has a Master Level Reiki Certification and is trained in Animal Reiki as well.

Gretchen met Laurie Filsinger on a scientific based paranormal team and became instant friends and co- investigators. Gretchen also believes the present can be positively affected, if the past is addressed and healed.

Gretchen is honored to serve as a member with Pathway Paranormal. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to help clients to heal and move forward in love, understanding, and peace. She believes a psychic approach to paranormal investigations makes perfect sense. When you work in the plane where other beings exist and can tell their stories, a conclusion can be reached in a timely manner. Gretchen is an Atlanta native and resides with her husband in Tucker, GA.

Empath/ Sensitive/ Reiki Healer ~ Matt Lonergan

As a child, he always knew how others felt and sensed spirits around him. This sparked an interest in the paranormal with a desire to learn how the world worked and how he could help. Matt walks with one foot in the physical world and one foot in the spiritual. He has developed a unique perspective and understanding of how the two worlds connect. 

Matt began working on a team that specialized in helping those who were experiencing negative, malevolent, and demonic hauntings. This is where he met Laurie, as their separate teams were called together to help a family in need.

Their friendship was instantaneous!

Since then they have worked on many cases together with other teams. It was with Pathway Paranormal that they finally realized the path they were destined to walk as they share their desire to help others.

Matt is originally from Rhode Island and has been in Metro Atlanta since 2003 and lives with his two cats.

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